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Origin and characteristics of the "Bordeaux Bottle"

Bordeaux bottles are another classic in the world of wine, and like "Burgundy", their shape has been carefully designed to meet certain aesthetic and functional purposes.

The main characteristic of Bordeaux bottles is their straight shape and more pronounced shoulders compared to Burgundy bottles.

This form was originally developed in the Bordeaux region of France, known for its more robust and structured red wines.

The reason for its shape is closely related to the grape varieties and wine styles typical of the region. The more pronounced shoulders of the Bordeaux bottle allow sediment to settle in a narrower area, making the decanting process easier when pouring the wine, especially in red wines that tend to generate more sediment during aging.

In addition, the straight shape of the Bordeaux bottle is not only visually distinctive, but has also been shown to help evenly distribute the pressure of the wine inside, which may be beneficial for long-term aging.< /p>

In summary, the shape of Bordeaux bottles not only reflects the tradition and identity of the Bordeaux wine region, but also fulfills key practical functions for the aging, storage and presentation process of the wine.< /a>